There has never been a better time to straighten your smile! We are so pleased to offer many options for orthodontic treatment, including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, iconix aesthetic braces and Invisalign®. Braces are time-tested, durable and straighten teeth better than ever. Traditional braces remain the most popular choice in orthodontic treatment today.

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Also known as the silver-colored metal braces, traditional braces are the most common type of dental braces used in orthodontic treatment. With advancements in materials and design, metal brackets are durable and more comfortable than ever before. Metal brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth and act as anchors holding the archwire in place. The archwire is designed with shape memory so that it applies consistent, gentle pressure throughout the duration of treatment. Perhaps the best part of traditional braces is the colorful elastics that you can choose at each appointment. The elastics are placed around each bracket to secure the archwire in place.

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Clear ceramic braces work the same way as traditional braces, but offer a cosmetic alternative to the metal. The clear brackets are bonded to the front teeth and the archwire is secured with white or clear elastics for a less noticeable look. Ceramic braces are slightly less durable than the traditional metal brackets due to the material composition. The ceramic material is more brittle than metal; therefore, our ceramic braces are offered to older children, teens and adults who have cosmetic concerns or who are looking for a discreet way to align their smile. This orthodontic option has become a favorite for adults because, unless you look closely, it is hard to notice they are there!

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Did you know you can get “white gold” brackets during your orthodontic treatment? Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Center offers high-quality stainless steel champagne-colored brackets that merge the durability of stainless steel and the elegance of white gold aesthetics. This upgrade is unique and sophisticated, adding a refined appearance to your smile.

The Iconix Aesthetic Braces option can be paired with a gold archwire and clear ligatures (elastics) for a cosmetic look that rivals ceramic brackets. Fredericksburg Orthodontics and Invisalign® Center is proud to be the number one provider of champagne gold brackets in the state of Virginia.

Lingual Braces Fredericksburg Orthodontics


Lingual braces are placed on the back side of the teeth so they are completely invisible when you smile. Lingual braces straighten teeth just like traditional braces. A small custom-made bracket is placed on the back of the upper and lower teeth. The orthodontist has full control of the movement of your teeth.

Lingual braces may require a small adjustment period since they are on the inside of the mouth, but patients adjust quickly and appreciate the cosmetic advantage. The same good hygiene habits such as flossing and regular brushing are required.

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