Adult Braces in Fredericksburg

Braces are one of the best solutions for straightening teeth and fixing a range of orthodontic issues

It’s never too late for a beautiful, healthy smile! Whether you didn’t get a chance to get braces as a child or whether your teeth have developed some issues over time, adult orthodontics give you options.

There can even be some advantages to getting braces later in life. You get to choose the braces you want, and you can take advantage of modern innovations. As an adult, you may also be better at following your orthodontist’s suggestions, which can mean great results!

Do Adults Need Braces?

There’s no age limit on overcrowded teeth, gaps, poor alignment or crooked teeth, which are all issues braces can address. Adults may also need braces because their teeth contribute to speech issues or make eating difficult. In some cases, adults choose braces to feel or look better.

Some adults decide on braces because alignment problems create problems with facial muscles and joints, which can trigger migraines and other pain. Getting alignment fixed can make it easier to clean teeth, too, helping to prevent decay and gum disease.


Our Braces for Adult Teeth

Fredericksburg Orthodontics offers several options for adults interested in braces:

  • Traditional Metal: Adult metal braces involve metal brackets bonded to each tooth, so they can hold archwire to exert gentle pressure to move teeth into shape. Today’s metal braces have smaller, more rounded brackets and are made of durable materials for better comfort.
  • Clear ceramic: Ceramic braces use clear brackets rather than metal, making them less visible for a discreet option.
  • Lingual: Lingual braces have metal brackets on the back of the teeth, so no one but your orthodontist will see them.
  • Iconix: Iconix braces use stainless brackets in a warm white gold color for a sophisticated and trendy look. They are often paired with clear elastics and gold archwire.

Offering Invisalign® for Adults in Fredericksburg

Invisalign® for adults is an alternative to braces. While all braces work by bonding brackets to the teeth, Invisalign uses a series of clear acrylic aligners to shift teeth into place gently. You wear your aligners for two weeks before moving to a new set. You wear each aligner for 20-22 hours a day.

Adults love this option because aligners can be removed during eating and when brushing your teeth, meaning it’s easier to care for your oral hygiene and there are no diet restrictions. Best of all, Invisalign is discreet, comfortable and removable for ultimate convenience.

Why Choose Fredericksburg Orthodontics?

Fredericksburg Orthodontics are the leaders in adult orthodontics in Fredericksburg, Virginia. With more than 16 years of practice, we’ve helped many adults enjoy better oral health and more beautiful smiles. We’re ABO-certified and an Invisalign Diamond+ Provider.

We know quality care, effective and results-driven treatment and an excellent experience are important to you, and we want our patients to choose the best method for them regardless of price. Our pricing is the same for each method, so you can get the care that best meets your needs.

Request a complimentary consultation with the Fredericksburg Orthodontics team or call our office at 540-227-6998. We’re here to help.

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Experience Matters

Based on her skill and expertise with the Invisalign® teeth straightening system, Dr. Diana Almy is an Invisalign® Diamond+ Provider. That means, Dr. Almy has completed over 10K cases and ranks in the top 1% of all providers in the nation!

Ready To Transform Your Smile?

Ready To Transform Your Smile?


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Kind Words

“The staff at Fredericksburg Orthodontics is always prompt, friendly, and professional. There is never any stress for my daughter when she comes in for her appointments. She is also getting a great smile, too!”

-P. Harrell

“It was such a pleasure to have my daughter’s orthodontic needs taken care of in such a warm and professional establishment. We always felt welcomed and our concerns were always addressed in the best possible way. Thanks!”

-L. Lovell

“I have been truly pleased with all orthodontic services provided by Dr. Almy. She has the best staff that is 100% professional. She provides a warm and friendly atmosphere that confirms this is the place to be for your orthodontic needs. I highly recommend her; she is the BEST!”

-K. Bratton

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