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Retainers and Orthodontic Retention in Fredericksburg, VA

When you’ve invested your time and money to create a better smile with braces, you want to make sure it lasts. Dental retainers keep your teeth in place to ensure you can enjoy your straighter, healthier teeth for years to come. Learn more about mouth retainers and your options with Fredericksburg Orthodontics today!

What Are Dental Retainers For?

After completing a corrective dental treatment like braces, patients want to keep their beautiful new smile aligned and healthy. However, your teeth will naturally shift back to their original positions once the braces are removed. That’s where retainers come in.

These orthodontic retention devices help you maintain your new smile, holding your teeth in place to prevent shifting and other alignment changes. In addition to maintaining your straight smile, retainers can close gaps, prevent tongue thrusts and more. They come in various styles, including fixed and removable options, to ensure you find the right fit for your orthodontic needs.

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At Fredericksburg Orthodontics, you can explore our several retainer options — traditional retainers, clear aligners and fixed retainers.

Hawley Retainers

Traditional or Hawley retainers consist of an acrylic piece that rests against the roof or floor of your mouth. A metal wire wraps around the front of your teeth to hold the retainer in place and keep your teeth aligned.

Clear Retainers

These plastic aligners are custom-made for your smile and provide a snug fit that helps your teeth stay straight. These devices are also nearly invisible, providing a more discreet treatment option.

Fixed Retainers

A fixed lingual retainer is a permanent orthodontic solution that you’ll likely wear for a few years. Your orthodontist will affix a thin wire to the back of your teeth with dental cement to ensure it stays in place.

How to Care for Your Retainer

Whatever type of retainer you have, ensure you take care of it so that your smile stays beautiful for years to come. If you have a removable retainer, clean it regularly — such as every time you take it out of your mouth. When you take your device out to eat, store it in a case to avoid misplacing or damaging it.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is especially important if you have a fixed retainer. When flossing, take extra care to ensure the wire stays clean and clear.

Why Choose Fredericksburg Orthodontics?

At Fredericksburg Orthodontics, we’ve spent over 16 years serving our community with premier care and the best treatments available. Dr. Diana Almy is a Diamond+ Invisalign® Provider and ABO-certified orthodontist — a qualification held by just 30% of orthodontists.

We want you to get the best treatment for your situation, so our pricing is the same for whatever method you use. When you visit our office, you’ll know you’re getting expert care in a welcoming environment.

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Ready To Transform Your Smile?

Ready To Transform Your Smile?


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