Wired for success

The “archwires” that attach to the brackets on each tooth on a set of braces are so named because they extend along the arches created by the jaws. While stainless steel archwires exert more force on the teeth initially, the force dissipates relatively quickly. Newer nickel titanium wires keep the pressure on because this alloy has an extraordinary characteristic called “shape memory.” No matter how much the orthodontist bends the wire, it will spring back to its original shape. When cold, the wire is pliable enough to be threaded through brackets. Then, as the wire warms in the patient’s mouth, it resumes its original shape to exert a continuous, gentle force.

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P.S. While archwires that are round in cross-section may be used at the beginning of treatment because they are relatively forgiving and elastic, those that are rectangular or square in cross-section will likely be used later as teeth approach desired alignment.