Teen girl with Invisalign in Fredericksburg

Benefits of Invisalign® Teen

Invisalign® is becoming a very popular choice for adolescent patients today.  Invisalign® Teen users indicate that Invisalign® is both effective for teeth straightening and for avoiding the dreaded “metal mouth”.  

The Invisalign® approach to straightening teeth uses a custom-made series of clear aligners created just for you. The aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth. Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements your orthodontist plans out for you. 

There are many benefits to having Invisalign® Teen as a teenager.  Some of them include:

  • No food restrictions.  Invisalign allows you to eat all of the foods like popcorn and candy that should be avoided when wearing traditional braces. However, brushing and flossing your teeth are imperative for optimal oral health.
  • More time.  With Invisalign your orthodontist will not have to see you quite as often as when you have traditional braces.  Appointments are usually scheduled every 8-10 weeks for evaluations or tray changes.
  • Less sores and irritations.  Invisalign is made of smooth clear plastic and will be much less irritating to the inside of your cheeks and gums than metal braces.  
  • Removable.  A huge advantage of Invisalign over traditional braces is that it is removable.  You are suppose to wear the trays all the time for optimum results, but when you go to clean your teeth you have full access to all the hard to reach spots. You can floss freely between teeth, which reduces plaque buildup thus reducing your risk of decay. You will also be able to brush your teeth and gums in the proper manner that will remove all food particles that are often stuck or left on metal braces. Removable trays also are a benefit if you have a special occasion to attend, or sports to play.

The Invisalign Teen® system was designed especially to meet the dental needs of teenagers.  It has unique benefits that teenagers will find accommodating to their busy lifestyle. If you think Invisalign might be right for you call Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Center for a complimentary consultation.