board certified iconFredericksburg Orthodontics recommends that you always seek the opinion of a qualified orthodontist before starting any sort of teeth straightening regime. Whether it’s you or your child in need of braces to help shape that perfect smile, you want to make sure that you’re making the right decision about your provider. Braces have become more accessible than ever, and many dentists claim to provide orthodontic services in the comfort of their office. How do you choose the provider that’s right for you?

The Benefits of Specialization
Orthodontics is a highly specialized area of dentistry. Orthodontists have a more advanced education that focuses on the anatomy of the mouth and on how to shift teeth into the correct alignment. They also focus on very different areas. While dentists focus on problems like tooth decay and gum disease, orthodontists look at bite problems, issues with spacing in teeth, and concerns with the formation of the mouth. They are specialized in orthodontics and have a strong understanding of how each issue in the mouth can impact all of the others. Not only that, orthodontists have more knowledge and can explain which potential concerns may require treatment in order to prevent future health problems and which issues are purely cosmetic.

Experience: A Primary Concern
When you’re dealing with your dental health, you should always work with an experienced provider on your current orthodontic issues. Not only does an orthodontist have a deeper understanding of how your current issues will play out over time, an orthodontist will always explain to you how your prognosis has the potential to impact your long term dental health. That experience is the primary reason to use an orthodontist to take care of braces, Invisalign, and other orthodontic treatments, rather than using a dentist.

Should You Choose an Orthodontist?
When you need braces, an orthodontist is always the right choice. It is understandable that your first reaction is to stay where you’re comfortable. When the time comes to choose your orthodontist consider the education, length of time in practice and reputation of the provider.
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