young boy with Invisalign first in fredericksburgInvesting in a lifetime of good oral health for your children enables them to reap health benefits that can last a lifetime.  Taking good care of teeth and practicing good oral hygiene allows many individuals to avoid serious dental and other health issues, as well as providing people with confidence about their appearance that is so important in a variety of settings throughout a person’s lifetime.  

An essential component of creating a great smile often involves treating a variety dental issues early in childhood.  Invisalign First is an early orthodontic intervention treatment that offers parents of children the option to avoid traditional metal braces in the course of early treatment.

What Is Invisalign First?

Invisalign First is an orthodontic treatment device specially designed for young children. Invisalign First can be used by orthodontists to correct issues with arch development and expansion, tooth crowding and spacing issues, tooth protrusions, and the overall appearance of a child’s smile.  The specially constructed device, or alignment tray, is custom fitted and is designed to gradually expand the jawline of a growing child. By expanding the dental arch area over time, a skilled orthodontist, such as Dr. Almy, can correct current issues as well as help prevent more serious problems in the future.

Helping Children Avoid Serious Dental Issues

The Invisalign First alignment tray allows treatment and/or prevention of dental issues that previously required more invasive measures to correct.  By using the Invisalign First tray, children with teeth crowding issues can avoid having teeth pulled to make room for incoming adult teeth. In addition, the alignment tray allows Dr. Almy to treat a larger range of orthodontic malformations with a minimally invasive solution.  By providing a mechanism in which to correct an issue before it becomes a major dental problem, the Invisalign First alignment procedure can help children (and parents) avoid costly, uncomfortable corrective procedures later.

Benefits of Invisalign First

The procedure for fitting a child with an Invisalign First tray is often easier than preparing for traditional interventions.  X-rays, an impression of the child’s teeth and mouth area, along with perhaps some photos of any malformations, are gathered in order to create a customized treatment plan for each individual child.  Depending on the child’s dental issues, one or two alignment trays may be required.

One of the great benefits of Invisalign First trays is the ease in which children can still consistently attend to maintaining great oral health care.  When a child needs to brush and floss their teeth, they simply remove the tray(s) and perform their brushing and flossing as usual. The alignment tray is easy to clean as well and children can easily adapt to performing one additional chore in their oral care routine.  For meals, children simply remove the alignment tray before eating and drinking and reinsert it when finished. By avoiding the difficult task of trying to remove food debris and bacteria from the more traditional wired braces, children can expect an overall higher level of good oral hygiene.  

Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Center Can Help

By correcting issues such as oral malformations, teeth crowding issues and providing young kids with an early prevention tool to give them a great smile, kids can potentially avoid more complicated dental problems down the road.  Invisalign First alignment trays for young children can help pave the way for a lifetime of excellent oral health, as well as a great smile for life. Dr. Almy is proud to offer this newest technology from Invisalign to her patients.  To make an appointment for consideration of Invisalign First for you child, contact Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Center at 540-898-7211. We can’t wait to get started!