red headed boy with freckles smiling Invisalign first early intervention treatment in FredericksburgJust as an interception can be a game-changer in football, “interceptive orthodontic treatment” can make a big difference in the treatment plan of very young patients. In the past, orthodontic treatment didn’t begin until around age 12-14 years, when all of teens’ permanent teeth had already erupted. Conventional wisdom also held that it was common for the orthodontist to recommend that permanent teeth be extracted if they contributed to tooth crowding. Now, however, orthodontists prefer to have patients keep all their permanent teeth by following a “phased” interceptive orthodontic treatment plan that begins as early as age 7. At that point, the orthodontist can identify potential problems and mitigate them with early treatment that takes advantage of continuing bone growth.

Early evaluation provides both timely detection of problems and greater opportunity for more effective treatment. Prudent intervention guides growth and development, preventing serious problems later. To schedule a free orthodontic consultation, please call Fredericksburg Orthodontics & Invisalign Center at 540-898-7211. The office is located at  10618 Spotsylvania Ave. (Lee’s Hill Center on Rt. 1 South). Office hours are Monday through Friday with evening appointments available.

P.S. Phase I of early interceptive treatment involves the use of expanders, retainers, removable appliances, etc. to change the jaw bone structure to make extra room for teeth.