smile gallery fredericksburg orthodonticsYou’ve taken the exciting plunge and decided to invest in Invisalign®. Good choice! You’ve made a fantastic move toward increased oral health and greater confidence. You’re going to love the transformation your smile will make. However, while you’re dodging the sometimes daunting maintenance of traditional braces, you still have to ensure you’re taking care of your Invisalign® trays. Here are our top tips. 


Always remove your aligners while eating. Not only is it very difficult to chew food while you’re wearing your Invisalign®, but you risk the chance of cracking your trays with hard foods or even getting food particles and bacteria stuck in them. The same rule applies to drinking. It’s perfectly okay to drink water, but anything else will require you to take out your aligners. You don’t want to stain them with dark liquids or damage them with sugary sodas. When you are done eating and drinking, always brush your teeth before putting your Invisalign® back in.  Additionally, flossing becomes even more important, as you could potentially trap food particles in your teeth and in your trays. This can lead to serious dental problems. Good thing you’re already a pro at flossing! 

Use Your Case

When you’re not wearing your Invisalign®, such as when eating or drinking, make sure you put your aligners in their case. Always using your case will ensure you don’t lose your aligners or allow them to become damaged or dirty. 

Don’t Forget Your Aligners

Don’t forget to wear your aligners! Failure to wear your aligners, even for a few hours, can result in your teeth moving and thus making your trays fit incorrectly. Make sure you wear them for their recommended allotted time each day and that you change them when instructed. New trays can be put in whenever you like, however before bed is a popular time to change them. This allows your teeth to become comfortable with the new trays, as they are tightest for the first few hours. Additionally, if you are planning to travel, make sure you bring your current aligners as well as your next sets, depending on the length of your trip. 

Cleaning Your Aligners

This is key! Make sure you take good care of cleaning your Invisalign®, or you could be faced with staining, odor, and overall bad dental health. Follow these tips:

  • Clean your trays each morning with either the solution provided by Invisalign® or antibacterial soap. Also, remember to brush your teeth!
  • Rinse your trays each time you remove them, such as after you’re done eating. This will help remove any potential bacteria or buildup. 
  • Soak your aligners once a day with the solution provided by Invisalign®. You can also use a designated toothbrush to more thoroughly clean the trays. Make sure you rinse them when you’re done. 
  • If using a toothbrush to clean your trays, ensure you’re not pressing too hard. They can crack under pressure.
  • Don’t use cleaning solutions on your trays that are not meant for Invisalign®. Always check with your orthodontist! 

Invisalign® is an investment that certainly pays off. While these dental trays offer convenience and freedom over traditional braces, you still have to care for Invisalign® and follow these guidelines to get the best results. Schedule an appointment at Fredericksburg Orthodontics to discuss your options and see if Invisalign® is right for you. These trays will be virtually invisible, cost-effective, and convenient for every lifestyle if properly taken care of. You’ll love your results! 

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