smile with colorful braces options in Fredericksburg vaToday’s orthodontic practices have a lot of options when it comes to straightening teeth. Without even considering clear aligners, braces offer quite the selection! Comparing braces to find which type and style best suits your needs is an important step to take before beginning treatment. In this article, we will discuss four different types of braces: traditional metal, ceramic, Iconix, and lingual.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are what you most likely think of when you think of braces. They’re nothing fancy and they get the job done as well as the next type, which is perhaps why they’re generally the least expensive of the types. 

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are designed to blend in with your teeth. The ties can be clear plastic or white metal, and the brackets themselves are made of a clear, transparent material. Because these braces are less obtrusive, they’re a good option for those hoping to be a bit more stealthy with their treatment. The plastic can become discolored if you’re not careful, so maintaining a strict oral hygiene routine is necessary. Ceramic braces take longer to install than traditional braces and require more maintenance, which makes them a bit more expensive. But, they are ideal for “blending in” with your teeth.

Lingual Braces

When it comes to stealth, lingual braces rule supreme. Basically the same as traditional braces, lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth. This makes them virtually invisible to the casual onlooker. You’d have to really be looking hard to catch a glimpse of these! 

Iconix Braces

In an age where people like to stand out, Iconix braces give you that chance to do so in a blingin’ way. This type of braces is “white gold,” a champagne-colored aesthetic with stainless steel construction. The Iconix braces can be paired with a gold archwire and clear ligatures (elastics) for a cosmetic look that rivals ceramic brackets. If you’re going to be wearing braces anyway, you might as well show them off!

Which is Right for You?

Each type of braces provides unique benefits to the wearer. If you have other questions or are ready to start your journey to a fabulous new smile, schedule a complimentary consultation with us by visiting Fredericksburg Orthodontics online. We can’t wait to see you!